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Clara Kent

"Clara Kent has the voice, the pen, the ear, and the passion. She is a perfect storm of an artist: natural enough to make us remember the best of the past, but true enough to self to not leave us in nostalgia, and most importantly, she is so relatable that you can't help but want to see her success as she continues on her journey."

Interview by Rho Nu Sigma



Born in 1990 is the official single off of the "I Am King" EP and the debut music video by Arian Jones.


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"Mr. StrongArm"


Pharaoh Lum is back to bring the reign with his new EP!

'Tis the SZN!

It's time for the Pharaoh's reign! "Mr. StrongArm" is a peek into the life and times of Pharaoh Lum. His wordplay will hook you into the scenery of his own experiences as you listen. Production by the dynamic Cobannah White and Macho Savage, the beats alone will have you ready to flex your strong arm!

Available Everywhere June 22nd!

Pre-Order on iTunes/Apple Music soon.

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If it ain’t the Tribe then it don’t vibe! Here’s the official playlist of Tribe Eternal. Save it to your soundcloud because we got more updates coming soon!