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Tribe Eternal Music Group’s mission is to assist in establishing and promoting artists and artistic events that address social, political, and spiritual issues that are relevant and resonate with art consumers.
— Tribe Eternal

Tribe Eternal Music Group Members



Tribe Eternal Music Group (TEMG) is an independent record label founded in 2011, by President and Chairman Kevin "Henny" Howard, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Anthony “Lum” Fulton, and Chief Operating Officers (COO) Bilal Abbey and Clara Kent. There are currently six recording artists signed to the label, including the flagship group, “The Heroes & Terrorists" which includes Pharaoh Lum, Bilal Abbey, Luxo, Akyra, and Hennessy Jones as well as the solo artist Clara Kent!

TEMG houses a production division that includes Cobannah White.

Tribe Eternal is completely self-sufficient (multi-genre songwriting, production, art, nightclub owners) but in Pittsburgh there are not many media outlets and ways to get the word out about Tribe.



Pharaoh Lum


Bilal Abbey


Clara Kent
MC / Songstress

Hennessy Jones


Graphic Designer

Cobannah White
MC/ Producer